Monday, September 16, 2013

Glyos Enigma Source Drop Bonuses - Dark Traveler Bonus Parts, Purple Torso Parts Too

If you ordered some Glyos a couple of weeks back, your boxes likely arrived today or are just about to show up.  Onell Design frequently add bonuses to orders and this time you get these bluegreen pearly Dark Traveler Bonus Parts.

The heads are Elder Exellis and Lost Sincroid Army noggins in this amazing green color, which changes wildly depending on how it's lit.  The eyes are painted white.

The belt, on the other hand, is a bit of a mystery - it's covered in pouches and has a triangle pattern on the back, and it looks a heck of a lot like Pheyden's.  If I didn't know better, I'd say it's a sneak peak for a new Pheyden or Pheyden-like being - the Dark Traveler figure sold in this drop has a very Pheyden-like head and face on it, plus two scarves.  It doesn't match the belts of the other figures in the release, so take it as you will - it's a nifty part, the significance of which has yet to be fully divulged. Speculate away below!

UPDATE: Our pal Stan on Twitter let me know that there's also a Purple Traveler Body with Phanost and Scar Pheyden heads in some orders - thank you for the info, Stan!

Other notes on this release:
  • The new heads are 2-3 pieces each.
  • Each of the 3 new heads have removable domes now. 
  • Small, mini scarves were included with the new Lost Sincroid Army grey figure heads as well as around the unique Dark Traveler Rift Breaker new head.
I'm still opening and photographing these, so more as I have it in Figure of the Day and here!

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