Sunday, March 17, 2013

Banimon Figures Getting Retooled

Creator Boris of  Banimon fame posted on the October Toys Forums to confirm he made a few changes to the Banimon figure mold - so you'll want to pick up at least one more on his next drop.  He says:

"So in a way of an update, the Banigoth/Red Army Men mold has received a little tweak over the past few weeks. In order to fix the neck pin issue on the Banigoth head, that pin has become a regular Glyos male/male switch pin. There is also a suble change on the backpack along those same lines, so this should add some additional building options to the toy overall. I should have some pics soon to share. So, the next drop (date to be announced) will already feature figures from the new and improved mold. "

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