Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Onell Design Drop Live, Big Surprise: Armorvors!

UPDATE: Armorvor SOLD OUT as of 10:37 Eastern time.  

The latest Onell Design Drop was delayed, but is now live!

A full menu will be posted shortly (in case you miss anything) but check out this swell Armorvor.  It's a figure that has been in development for quite some time, and we even broke news of it here, if memory serves, and you are one of our three regular readers.  Go order it now!

This is the Venjorun Armorvor and he is $8.  Having played with the prototype, it's worth it.  18 parts.  Drool sold separately.  (And yes I ordered spares, because I love this and have been waiting for this to come out for a while now.)

A full review in Figure of the Day will be slotted in our next opening, so you'll see more as soon as we can get it.  Nicely done, Matt, Marty, Jason, and Onell!

See an article on the prototype at

For alternate heads-- which may or may not be an indicator of future releases-- check out The GodBeast Customs Glyos Page, which sports several alternate colors and numerous variant head sculpts which are one-offs, prototypes, and/or custom runs.  Marty of TGB was responsible for much of this figure's development, so hopefully his other heads will see production sooner rather than later.

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