Thursday, June 30, 2016

Review: Four Horsemen Power Lords Ggrapptikk Grunt Action Figure

Four Horsemen Power Lords Ggrapptikk Grunt Action FigureSince this line more or less ended in 2014 (minus a couple of recolors), I wasn't sure if or when I'd get to the Ggrapptikk Grunt. Truth be told, I was kind of hoping the line would just die and I assume that it did. We see occasional updates from the Four Horsemen in forums or elsewhere saying that it isn't, but we haven't seen a new body type debut as a production toy since the first figures hit in 2013. This was a line with a lot of promise and fanfare, debuting near the end of the less ambitious Outer Space Men figures which, I still can't believe it, actually completed the original characters from 50 years ago. Plus the prototype second series. Plus a smattering of new characters. Power Lords updated 2 of the original figures, with numerous recolors and precolors of those molds basically grinding down any goodwill in the line's run. I'm not saying I wouldn't buy a Sydot if we ever got one, but I've got eight flavors of these 4-armed buggers and truth be told I'd have been happy with just one.

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