Monday, August 18, 2014

Review: Onell Design Glyos Crayboth Grellanym Action Figure

Onell Design Glyos Crayboth Grellanym Action FigureFor every figure from Onell Design there is usually an equal and opposite figure. Crayboth Grellanym is the flipside of Gryganull, a pink plastic figure with green highlights. The pair debuted a few months ago, and took center stage in a pretty fun flash game which I could best describe as a horizontally scrolling Space Invaders clone. It was pretty good, and if the figures weren't already on the way to selling out this would make them move a lot faster. They vanished quickly.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Review: Onell Design Glyos Super Crayboth Standard Action Figure

Onell Design Glyos Super Crayboth Standard Action FigureThe Super Crayboth Standard has been years in the making - various "King Crayboth" concepts showed up on the Onell Design blogs as teases here and there, so the debut of this mold - along with 7 new and 1 rereleased standard Crayboth - was a bit of a shock to the system, as well as the wallet. Never before have this many new Crayboth figures been plopped at once, so it was certainly another fast sell-through.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

New Kabuto Mushi Drop - August 8, 2014 Edition case you missed it: New Kabuto Mushi figures tonight!!! First Instar Warrior & Instar Drone character release!!! Marty posted the full menu himself, so we're not going to archive it here.

Five spiffy new flavors are up - if you like clear plastic, you ought to check these out. The words "frozen dessert" come to mind.  Click here to order - they're still in stock!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Review: Onell Design Glyos Glyan Glyaxia Standard Action Figure

Onell Design Glyos Glyan Glyaxia Standard Action FigureThe Glyan Glyaxia Standard is similar to the Glyaxia Command Elite version from 2011, but different enough so that the untrained eye can easily tell the difference. The yellow seems a tiny bit oranger, while the blue seems quite similar but just a smidgen brighter.

Onell Design Glyos Glyan Glyaxia Standard Action FigureIn the last three years, a lot has changed in the Glyos world overall - new lines brought in a few more players, and actual licensed properties now exist within its galaxies. Edition sizes haven't climbed much, but a few newcomers give Onell Design a reason to go back to the well on some styles. This one in particular was one of my favorites during the first go-round, so having another shot at it was certainly nice. One of the most obvious changes over the last few years was the increase of pricing on most toys manufactured in China, leading to companies changing how they do business.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New Kabuto: Voss in August
TheGodBeast has confirmed new Kabuto Mushi figures are on tap for August.  The first colorway seems to be a return of the sea glass green "Voss" previously used to great effect over at Onell Design.

No date (or full menu) has been given, but these figures are typically quite nice and worth your attention if you don't yet have any. More as we have it!

Review: ToyFinity Mordles EGD Vinyl Figure

ToyFinity Mordles EGD Vinyl FigureIt's yellow! The Mordles EGD Vinyl Figure is another jumbo vinyl release - yes, another one - and it really doesn't offer much new other than a creative deco. Which, let me tell you, was enough. I love these jumbo guys and the Pac-Man-esque figure goes great with the clear blue "ghost" Electra-Geists (sold separately). A few years ago I was kicking around a similar idea for Crayboth figures in ghost colors and a Syclodoc with yellow Pac-Man-esque helmet deco... but this is better. It's great, I love it, and I'm glad they did it.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Skeleton Warriors Metal Weapons 3 Pack - Order Now
October Toys' pewter Skeleton Warriors Metal Weapons 3 Pack was sold at Comic-Con for $20 (I got one!) and now you can get one at the October Toys shop, along with their exclusive OMFG.

The Skeleton Warriors Glyos-compatible figures themselves should be out around the end of the calendar year.