Sunday, July 14, 2019

Toy Pizza Con Exclusives Mostly Sold Out
A few Toy Pizza Con exclusives are available in the Toy Pizza shop. Some sold out real quick - at press time the only one I see left is the pictured Forest Capsule.  (I have the chrome one, and love it.)

A few "second chance" items were also added and since sold - but you can get Metaruda, Old Knight Material Boy, and a few others while supplies last.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Warlords of Wor - New Drop Friday, July 12 at 9:00 PM Eastern
Via the Warlords of Wor Instagram: "Excited to announce that Wave 7 has landed!"  Lord of Fire is just one of a few new figures hitting their store at 9:00 PM Eastern.

Click here for the store!

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Review: Onell Design Glyos Enigma Fusion Pheyaos Enigma Fusion

Onell Design Glyos Enigma Fusion Pheyaos Enigma Fusion Action FigureI feel I am destined to lose the switch pin included with the Enigma Fusion Pheyaos Enigma Fusion. It's a tiny part and I have no real use for it - it's just there. Why Onell Design included this bonus piece with an amazing figure is beyond me - I can't do much with it here, and it doesn't make the already great figure even better. 

Monday, July 8, 2019

Captain Cobrus Coming to Ohio Toy & Comic Show
If you aren't making it to San Diego this year - where there are no Glyos for sale that I know of (but possibly an interesting reveal) - you can hit up Fairborn for Captain Cobrus.  Check out Wizards of Wor on Instagram for all the details as they unravel.  There should be online sales after the show.
...I hope to get one of these.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Review: Outer Space Men White Star Zero Gravity Action Figure

The Outer Space Men, LLC Outer Space Men White Star Zero Gravity Action FigureManufactured in 2018 but not released until June 2019, this Outer Space Men White Star Zero Gravity ticks a box. With it, your collection of white plastic figures to customize is completed! Probably. That makes for a stellar collection of 21 white-as-white-can-be figures, the irony of which is not lost with this character.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Review: Spaced Out Design Geodraxus Grannikor

Spaced Out Design Geodraxus Grannikor Action FigureI missed the first releases of this figure, but I dared not miss the grey-with-black-and-white-specks Geodraxus Grannikor. With 21 parts - including alternate head, a sword arm, and other moving bits - this is a figure which was clearly designed to last for several recolors. The clear figures look absolutely gorgeous in the online catalog photos, but they sell out quickly - they're doing nice work. This rocky granite-like figure was available and I had to snag it.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Battle Tribes Return Friday - Blue Glow, Golden Axes
Via the Battle Tribes Instagram: "Our Berserker and Adventurer need a mighty stead to ride into battle! We give you the Chicken Beast! Our first run of the awesome The Bio-Mass monster!"

What's more, blue glow figures will be included.

That new drop is released Friday, July 5, at 6:00 PM Pacific time.