Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Review: Onell Design Glyos Redlaw Phanost Action Figure

Onell Design Glyos Redlaw Phanost Action FigureThe Redlaw Phanost is easily the star of last month's drop, which is shaping up to be the final release of Onell Design's 2014 product offering. The drops have been sticking around the same size over the last few Decembers but they certainly feel smaller - the reduction of Traveler figures to two and the lack of new molds or builds is hard to ignore, and the influence of Glyos impressario Matt Doughty is felt elsewhere. The Onell Design product offering has largely kept to new deco on existing figures, but with new and pretty great paint masks and precious few molds. The Super Crayboth and an alternate new head for Argen are two of this year's big gems, alongside new heads at the 481 Universe, Maxx Zero in Robo Force, the Banimon tank, the amazing Rise of the Beasts line, and others. The pool has certainly grown significantly, even if the founding line has kept it small and safe with a few good figures. Given the increasing size of the playing field, the less-is-more approach is certainly welcome.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

December 19: New NiStuff 481 Universe Drop
Not only are we getting new Kabuto Mushi drop on Sunday, but Ni Stuff has holiday goodness on December 19! Details to follow, but this tease on Instagram was tied to a tweet confirming the date.  Make plans Friday night.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

New Banimon Tank, Figure Coming Soon
Two posts of interest to you Banimon fans today!

#1: October Toys Forums.  Here you'll see shots of the new green Red Army Men, plus the new T-011 tank in a matching green color.  It's quite nice.

#2: Banimon Blog - Red Army Men MKII.   Not much in the way of pictures, but it confirms the drop is "soon."

Maxx and Mordle Update at ToyFinity
If you pre-ordered a ToyFinity Maxx Zero, you'll want to read this update: "New Mordles page! Maxx pre-order update! Happy Anniversary Robo Force cartoon! And more... "

The long and short of it: your figures are being tweaked so now they're due around January.  If you like inside toy dirt baseball, he also does a great job of explaining why paint bonding to paint is bad, which you have possibly also just read about over at the Four Horsemen's pages.  Their Ravens figures (shipping now) are shipping with a disclaimer over heating their joints before use - I usually use boiling water in these circumstances - to avoid breakage.   It's funny to see how and why these things happen, and how various companies treat the problems.  If nothing else, now you know the why, and the how to fix it if you didn't already!

Unknown Power Lords Pre-Order Starting Soon
You probably read this report on Source Horsemen, but if not here it is again:

"We’re gearing up for another Power Lords release on Store Horsemen right as we ring in the new year, and the pre-order for those will be going up within the next week or two. Details coming soon here on Source Horsemen."

With no specific indication as to the when, the what, or the how much, we suggest you speculate wildly in anticipation of this whatever it is.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Rise of the Beasts Prototypes on eBay
Two Rise of the Beasts prototypes are on eBay now - they're getting expensive, but they're pretty slick (and I hope they might be the basis of a future mass-produced run someday).   Click here for the Scorpion, and click here for the Rhino.

Surprise! Callgrim Is Back - New Drop Live Right Now
Surprise! The great bearded one has returned with a small bounty of new Callgrim figures.  Click here for the post, click here for the store.

Callgrim Standard MK III is available for $10 (cheep!) and he's jointed by 5 more figures.  The Order Standard MK III, Callgrim Stealth MK IV, Callgrim Red Metal, The Order Warp Tank Commander, and The Order Warp Tank Trooper are each $10 and in stock as of my writing this.

Again, click here to order yours now.  The Callgrim Standard MK III price is a sale for the remainder of 2014.