Wednesday, November 5, 2014

New: Mystical Warriors of the Ring Evolution Goliath Figure
The cult of Glyos expands! A new figure is hitting D-Con this weekend in Pasadena.  The Mystical Warriors of the Ring have been around for a while as nifty wrestling figures in the spirit of 1980s lines, and it's a nifty Glyos-compatible figure.   Meet Goliath!

The brown plastic test shot is limited to 40 pieces and matches the Rig Crew figures from Onell Design a couple of months back.  As a special low run debut, it will be $30.

As you can see on their blog post, the figure mixes and matches with an Armorvor quite nicely and looks to be similar in size.  I like it.

Mark Vasquez has confirmed the 2 1/3-inch figure will be getting a normal release around December in an undisclosed color.  It is slated to be a mere $6, so if you feel like holding out that's quite the deal.

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