Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 30: Glyos Drop with Commander Sullkren and More of my all-time favorite Glyos figures is Commander Sullkren, and MK II is coming March 30!  This version has more paint applications and a slightly higher price tag than the original, but still cheaper than eBay.   Note painted toes, shoulder tampos, painted shoulders, plus some panel lines on the new guys - this will likely be a hot series.  Click here for more pictures and details.

Also up for grabs, a matching Dark Traveler, Argen MK XI (black), and a gold Noboto.

Sullkren plays a role in the Mordles comics, so you may want to just snag one while you can.  Also, Matt Doughty let slip that the next release will be Glyaxia - so clear some space on your shelf for blue and yellow in April!

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