Monday, August 5, 2013

481 Universe Sale: Quick Sell Through Imminent

The drop is live now!  As with the last drop, Ni Stuff's stuff sold fast - some quasi-custom not-quite-production pieces were sold out before I could get into the store, so I don't even know what they cost.  Figures were as low as $10 this time, and I popped for a NV Subject (below) based on the head for Styre as I didn't have one of those yet.  You should check some of these out, if you dare.

Five new production figures were available, many of which were down to low double-digits or sold out in under 15 minutes.  The Pink Powered Theta is the only one which has a healthy number of inventory and it will no doubt be gone before you can get a sneeze out.

Seemingly all the customs were gone before I got in, so hey, good on you if you got one of the few production pieces.

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