Thursday, November 1, 2012

Review: Banimon Red Army 51st Corps Action Figure

Banimon Red Army 51st Corps Action FigureAfter its birthing from Onell Design, the Glyos System Series of toys has expanded rapidly with other companies building compatible lines like Banimon. The confusingly named Red Army 51st Corps is green, but the "red star" more or less confirms it may be allied to, you know, the reds. At about 1.3-inches tall, the figure is the smallest Glyos-compatible mass-produced PVC figure to date, while the Weaponeers of Monkaa seem to be the tallest. Based on the comics and artwork of one Boris Savic, these figures are adorably small with giant, swappable heads and a whole mess of weapons. In many respects, they're similar to Battle Beasts and include so many spare parts you can use these to augment your other Glyos figures. If you're a Glyos fan, you should get one or more of these.

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