Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Review: Onell Design Glyos Zorennor Exploration Division Crayboth Senyrith Action Figure

Its name is a damned mouthful! The Zorennor Exploration Division Crayboth Senyrith is named such, I believe, because Onell Design honcho Matt Doughty is likely a sharp tack who wants to remind me just how bad I am with naming things. Oh sure, I say I'm bad with names, but this proves it-- I am devoid of creativity. While I realize this isn't exactly a well-thought-out review, at four bucks, you really ought to get one. Well, not this one, as it's sold out. Go get another one if you can, because it's eBay or bust for the Zorennor Exploration Division Crayboth at this point. As they're cheap and trickled out slowly, these are repaints I always look forward to seeing. I hope they make more, and I really hope that Onell makes other similar squat minifigures in this exact style. When I fantasize about designing my own action figure line, they're pretty much exactly like this in terms of construction, so it's wonderful to see someone out there make a small, durable, cheap toy that's fun to mess with.

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