Saturday, July 30, 2011

Plays With Others: New Jedi Force Landspeeder-- Gendrone Friendly

As you read this, Hasbro is currently shipping its Playskool Heroes line to stores. This line is similar to the Fisher-Price Imaginext toys, with articulated limbs and-- you guessed it-- vehicles.

Pictured is the new Landspeeder which includes Luke Skywalker and has a pull-back motor. As you can see, it's scaled perfectly for Onell Glyos figures, but may be a smidgen small for your Outer Space Men. (If you remove their feet, the OSM will fit.)

A number of vehicles are coming out in this line based on the Marvel, Transformers, and Star Wars licenses but not all are a perfect fit for Glyos. For example, the Freeco Bike and BARC Speeder Bike cannot easily accommodate your average Glyos-compatible figure without removing chunks of it-- the hands also cannot grip the controls on the vehicles. But the Landspeeder? It's just perfect.

The line is part of the new reset going on at toy stores now, I've seen bits and pieces of it for sale online and at a few mass marketers. You can see more of it in my Toy Fair 2011 Coverage at

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